Monday, June 10, 2013

Me, a Fruitarian? Maybe...

My backyard is filled with blackberries, and they're just beginning to ripen. I have a feeling that most of them will ripen all at once, and then you better believe I'll be making blackberry smoothies. Fruit and I are great friends.

I learned something kind of important. The berries on the top left are not yet ripe but the ones on the bottom right are. They need to be COMPLETELY black before you pick them, and then they're delicious. Live and learn. Also, what my housemate and I thought was an avocado tree is actually, I believe, a peach tree. The peaches are all still green, though, definitely not ripe. Also, there is a fig tree! I ate one fig off of it and am excited for many more! California is so rad. The lemon tree just gives and gives of her fruit.

And, on that front, I'm moving over toward a fruitarian diet. No, I'm not going to eat only fruit, and I'm not likely to become 100% raw, but I am getting a lot of my calories these days from huge fruit smoothies. I'm doing this for two major reasons. One, for type 1 diabetes, fruit is really easy to predict and counteract with insulin. Fat and protein is difficult to predict but simple fruit carbs are easy. It helps me keep my blood sugars in great control. But, more importantly, I'm doing it as something of a moral exercise. See, people are always asking vegans why we think it's wrong to harm other beings that are animals, but have no qualms about hurting plants. Of course, this is a somewhat silly idea that I don't think they're entirely serious about. "No one move, or I'll snap this carrot in half, I swear it!" But just as an experiment, I think it's worth eating only the parts of a plant that it does not harm the plant to eat. It's also less labor-intensive. There is no need to keep replanting brand new plants. Fruit trees just continue to give fruit, and fruit is delicious because the more delicious it is, the more animals eat it and spread the seeds, so it's an evolutionary strategy to be yummy for animals' consumption. Also, eating fruit decreases the need for water filtration and distribution, as it is very water dense and you need not drink much water if you're eating lots of fruit. So I'm trying it out and have been for a few weeks and it makes me feel really good and happy and it's easy and I really enjoy the smoothies.

Still, let me catch you up on some of the non-fruit items I've been cooking and eating for the past few months. Like, check out the Pumpkin French Toast from Vegan Brunch I made because a friend of mine really wanted some and I had the ingredients on hand.

Ooh, and I also made this Pasta with Chard and Bell Peppers from The Blooming Platter Cookbook, which actually called for angel hair pasta, but I used what I had. Doesn't it look so clean and nice?

Plus, after I was given one of those tubes of soy chorizo from Trader Joe's, a bag of potatoes, and some tofu, I made this tofu chorizo potato hash without a recipe and ate it with sriracha and avocado. I also used a pepper and an onion and some chilis in adobo sauce from a can that I'd opened and frozen for later use. Yummy!

So, as you can see, I'm not eating only fruit. At least not yet! I also have been putting plenty of leafy greens into my smoothies.
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