Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating Out in the East Bay

I'm so excited to have changed the colors and themes of my blog and also replaced the commenting system with Disqus, which allows more people to comment!  Also, if anyone is interested in my newer Tumblr blog, Type1Vegan, I encourage you to check it out. At first, it felt kind of lonely for me on Tumblr. I'd create original material and no one would notice it. Then suddenly someone with a lot of followers reblogged this image I created, and before I knew it, people were following me right and left and reblogging other original posts I created, like this image and text I made. I know it's just the internet but still, what fun! I really enjoy trying to influence the youngsters of Tumblr. It's a very good medium for that. I also purchased the domain name type1vegan.com, so eventually the plan is to move this blog there. I'm still dissatisfied by being stuck with the whole "loathing" thing.

So, I'd like to tell you about some more of the amazing eats to be had in San Francisco's East Bay. There is a lot to cover, but let me start by bragging that, here in Oakland, there is a vegan bar. That's right. A. VEGAN. BAR. Are the people there extra attractive? You betcha! Vegan men are so hot, and we ladies are looking excellent as well.  The bar is called Olde Depot, and it's located right next to Souley Vegan, a vegan soul food restaurant that everyone else seems to like a lot more than I do, although I do like it. And, OK, unfortunately, the only alcohol Olde Depot has is beer, which is not my favorite thing, but hey! All vegan beers! Plus food. Swooooooon.

That there is the Herbed Chick'n Sliders. Seriously, hands down, Olde Depot has the best veg chick'n I've ever had. So far, I've only tried their chick'n, and not any of their other veg meats, but it's hard to pick something different when what I've had is so good. This was delish. There were some mushrooms on those sammiches and a very enjoyable house dressing on the salad. The menu at Olde Depot changes on the daily, but so far, each thing my friends and I have ordered has been a delight. Check out what my friend got, also.

That there is the beer-battered chick'n and chips. You know, my younger sister says her favorite food is "bar food." This here just goes to show you that no one needs to give up their favorite food by going vegan. Bar food extraordinaire!

You know what else is cool? There's this catering company called Hella Vegan Eats that has these pop-up kitchen events all over the Bay. They're based in Oakland, but they also have pop-ups in San Francisco, and I wrote about one when I was just visiting this area back in October. I finally made it out to another such event, but this time right near to where I'm living in Oakland at the Commonwealth Cafe and Pub. I don't have much in the way of money, and I prefer to eat healthy, but I'm not going to lie, I lusted after Meen Deen Doughnut Burger Supreme, which is a brown rice beet patty, special sauces, and burger fixin's, all on two friggin' doughnuts. But I was like, "No, I'll get a salad," and ordered the Organic Farmers Market Salad.
It had this really tasty maple-glazed rhizocali (whatever THAT is) tempeh on it that made this salad rule. But I was still just a bit sad, wanting that damn doughnut burger. Then, like magic, one suddenly was brought to me by my friend Joe, who was working the kitchen with Hella Vegan Eats! HOLY SH*T, HOW DID HE KNOW? I am so freaking blessed. And let me tell you, it may not have been a picture of health, but it is outrageously delicious. I want another one right now! We vegans can go all Paula Deen without hurting anyone!

Also, did you know that the East Bay has its own all-vegan Mexican place? Everyone knows about Gracias Madre in San Francisco, but in Berkeley, there is a cool little place called Flaccos, which is oddly hidden from view despite it having its own little parking lot.
This is the view from the parking lot, but I think you can imagine how not visible this place is from the sidewalk on the other side.
Flaccos is not as outrageously-priced as Gracias Madre in in the city, which is cool, though it is still a tiny bit pricey for something that, in my experience, is fairly easy to make. I'm always thinking that about food that I buy out. "Why am I eating out, I cook better at home and it's cheaper!" I say. So it's probably best to kinda not listen to me. I got tacos because they have a daily special where a different platter plate is a buck off, and it repeats every week. I have to remember to go in on the taquito day because that's something I'm too lazy to make. These tacos were tops, though, I do not regret buying them. I'm happy all-vegan places exist!

Yay for food and for the friends with whom I went to eat and for the interesting people I met at each of these places and for the East Bay! I love my life, and this post is making me hungry.

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