Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Beets! (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 4)

I learned something important about juicing.  If you're not really into beets, be careful about adding beets to your juice.  It's gonna be serious.
I'm totally beet inexperienced, but I had the option of getting them as a side at lunch almost a week ago, so I was like, "Hey, some random veggie!  Red.  I don't eat that color much," and I ordered it.  But they were unadulterated--just cut up, nothing on them.  Maybe that's how you're supposed to eat them, but I couldn't really.  I stuffed a few into the veggie wrap I had, and that was tasty enough (the whole wrap was tasty, really), and I figured I'd juice the rest.

Then I went away for the weekend to the wedding and the beets sat in my fridge.  Then I kept waking up in the morning (my juicing time) with a slightly elevated blood sugar, which gives you that horrible "I'm not hungry at all in the morning!" feeling some folks talk about, so I didn't juice.

Just FYI, in case you understand/care about blood sugars and diabetes and stuff, my "slightly elevated blood sugar" in the morning that I referred to was, like, 86 to 99 while my ideal morning sugar is between 68 and 85.  But those "higher" morning sugars are perfectly good sugars!  Normal is between 70 and 120.  But while you're asleep, your sugar should really drop because you're not eating, you're fasting.  In the morning, most non-diabetics will have a sugar under 100.  If you don't eat close to bed, then you wake up in the morning and go to Quest Diagnostics or some such place without eating breakfast, you could go get your fasting blood sugar tested if you wanted to.  It's better for it to be lower.  That means your body is using insulin efficiently.  It's good if you wake up hungry!  That is an indication of blood sugar health.  For me, though, with type 1 diabetes, my body doesn't regulate insulin.  I inject all my insulin and have to decide how much to use and try to think like a pancreas would.  The aim is to be as good at it as a pancreas would be if it were functional, and I do pretty OK considering that when I wake, if my sugar is on the high end of what's correct for a fasting blood sugar, it makes me feel as though eating is intolerable.  That's actually awesome.  It means I'm keeping my sugars down--my body is accustomed to lower overall sugars.

INTERLUDE OVER.  Back to food now.

Yesterday the beets still seemed fine so I put them into some juice that also contained:
--the last, like, 2 collard greens I had on hand;
--the greens from celeriac, which smell like celery, so they should be fine, right?;
--3 carrots;
--1 apple;
--1 orange; and,
--an inch of ginger.

I was basing this mix off a drink in The Big Book of Juices, but the author of that book had two apples instead of one and no salad greens and it had a stalk of celery instead of those celeriac greens.  I thought it would probably be fine.  And it would have been, except, the beets!  Wow, the beets.  They change everything.  They make a shocking amount of juice!  And they taste strongly.  It was hard to drink it all, but I took it like a vegan and chugged it down.

This doesn't mean I've given up on juicing beets!  It just means I may leave this one to the experts.  That is, I'll find myself a recipe for juices with beets, and not go off script.  I mean, I cannot just ABANDON beets.  You know why?  Here's why.

Now with better sound quality, but without the original cartoon...


Since this song seems to have been made for people like us, let's take a moment to observe the lyrics to this classic Beets song.

Killer tofu!
Fast food feels fuzzy,
cuz it's made from stuff that's skuzzy!
I always thought I was such a nerd.
I refused to touch that strange bean curd.
I wouldn't eat it, WOW! But it ate you!
Ah eeh ooh, killer tofu! (Eee-ahh-ee)
Ooh eeh ooh, killer tofu!
I eat my sugar cereal,
but it makes my teeth bacterial! (Eee-ahh-ee-yo, Eee-ahh-ee)
If you feel kinda cruddy, (Eee-ahh-ee)
Just stick right by your buddy. (Eee-ahh-ee-yo)
I don't eat, t-t-t-t-too much fried food! 

Thank you for this bit of childhood wisdom, Beets.  I shall watch out for this killer tofu.


  1. I'm one of those weirdos who could eat cooked beets plain. :) And one of my favorite juices ever is carrot, beet and ginger. But the important detail is the carrots and beets need to be prime quality - nice and small and sweet - or else the whole thing is crap. And LOL at the killer tofu song, ha ha!

  2. Doug!!!! That song was how I first learned about tofu!

    Did you juice cooked beets or raw ones? I wonder if that would make a difference.

    1. You know, they seem raw to me, but the truth is that I wouldn't know. Nothing screamed "COOKED!" at me about them. They just seem like raw, uncooked beets, like you might find in a salad.


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