Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thai Idea: Veg-Evangelicals (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 27)

I was meeting a different friend named Sara than the one I spoke of in yesterday's post at her apartment on Precita, and we decided to just walk down Mission Street to see if we could find a veg-friendly spot for lunch.  What sign do I see almost instantly but this one?
San Francisco!  It's so easy here.  "Go vegetarian!  Go vegan!  Go to Thai Idea."  I like your moxie, Thai Idea!  Look, they had this sign on the other side:
Dude, how did you know I love puns?  Of course we decided to eat here.

The menu is very, very vegan-friendly.  It's all vegetarian, and almost everything has a little "v" indicating it's vegan, and everything else has "vo" for vegan option. Looking online now, I can see that the only things without a vegan option are the desserts, but I never even saw a dessert menu while I was there.

Now, if you read this blog with any regularity, or know me in real life, you probably know that I stopped eating fish long before I stopped eating meat or dairy or eggs.  It is not sustainable to eat any fish.  Large wild fish populations are obviously so decimated that unless the whole world works quickly to create large marine protected areas, or marine preserves, they will all go extinct very soon.  But small fish are also incredibly vulnerable, and "disappearing" (being netted) at rates that are not sustainable for keeping any sort of edible sea life for future generations.  We use these small fish to make fish meal, fish oil, and also lots of the weird mix-o-fish frozen crap people eat, and many other things.  Here's an article about the effect that our fish meal usage has on our oceans' ability to survive. And here's just one of the more recent articles about fish stock depletion (I read them all!).  I've cared about this one issue more than any other for a long time, and I do intend to write more about it in weeks to come.

But the reason I bring it up now is because one thing I'd never had yet was vegan fish!  I mean, I know fish is delicious, but it's just morally incorrect to eat it currently.  Thai Idea had a veggie fish menu item, the Panang Avocado Shirimp.  Of course it was the most expensive thing on the menu.  But I had to try!
I don't really know if it tasted like shrimp, but I do know that it tasted like yummmm.  The "shrimp" was, I guess, tofu?  It tasted good, and Sara liked it as well (she doesn't like actual fish).  Here's what it looked like:
Sara got something very similar but with veggie chicken.  I'd post a picture, but it looks identical.  The veggie chicken was really good!  A good imitation of the "real" thing.

I couldn't resist also getting a Thai Iced Tea!  I haven't had one in so long because most places don't have soy milk (or, actually, I think it might use condensed milk, which is even rarer to have in soy than just soy milk).  Not that I actually ever ask them, I just assume and say, "I don't want to spend the extra money anyway."  But hey!  I'M ON VACATION.
Best thing ever!  What a treat.  Oh yeah, also, they just gave us a bit of super-good pumpkin soup to try for some reason.
Everything's orange up in here, am I right? 

We were the only ones in the place, but it was really good!  You should probably go there if you're in San Francisco.  I told the woman working there I was taking pictures for my blog, and she encouraged me to post on Yelp.  I know Yelp is a huge make-or-break thing these days for restaurants, but I don't Yelp.  Or Tweet.  Or even quite understand what Instagram is.  BUT, I realize now I must take these things on, because someone who knows what's up told me I do, and she's right.  I'm a smart woman, I can do this.  I mean, if I can file inheritance taxes and ride my bicycle with no hands and figure out insulin and crap, surely, it's not beyond me to tweet.  And I will, as soon as I remember my password!  And, dammit, I will get on Yelp and write a review of this place, because I liked it, I think omnivores would like it, and I enjoyed their hints of veggie evangelical zeal. 


  1. Cool place! And hey, you can ride your bike with no handle bars? I think I did, once, when I was a kid, but now even though I ride every day it's with hands firmly planted. I don't have the balance to pull that off! But tweeting I can manage, so you will be JUST fine.

  2. Get that twitter password! You'll be a pro at it in no time!

    Vegans also JUST LOVE looking at other vegans pictures of food on Instagram. Just hashtag (#) everything vegan and you will have hundreds of followers in the blink of eye, in no time! I've actually made a couple IRL vegan friends from Instagram. When this became my life, I just don't know.



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