Saturday, October 20, 2012

San Francisco Arrival and Food-Gathering (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 20)

It's three hours earlier in San Francisco!  Crazy.

I got here late last night and the first thing I did was ask my little sister about food.  What did she have to eat at her apartment?  The answer, sadly, is nothing.  She has a ton of sugar -- sugar cereal, candy.  No fruit or veggies.  But she said she did have some peanut butter.  I really do not know what she eats!  I asked if we could take the Zip Car she'd rented to pick me up from the airport and go to a grocery store before the car needed to be returned.

Shopping as quickly as possible, I got some baby carrots and hummus, a bunch of bananas, a heck of a lot of Brussels sprouts, a head of garlic, a carton of coconut milk beverage, a bag of tasty trail mix, a loaf of whole-grain bread and, the most important thing, which is fancy juice.

Good juice is important to me and I drink some every day.  See, for years, I'd had this problem where I'd wake up in the morning with a nice, lower blood sugar (between 65 and 100), then I'd start going about my day without eating, and an hour after I'd gotten up, my sugar would have risen to being slightly high (between 120 and 160).  This was especially true when I bicycled to work.  Exercise is supposed to lower your sugar, not make it rise!  Puzzled, I went online to a diabetes message board and gave a lot of information about this problem and listened to what the people there had to say.

What they had to say was this: I needed to eat breakfast and give myself insulin for it.  What was happening is that, in the morning, my body was saying, "It's time to start the day, this gal needs some energy!" and so my liver was dumping out glucose into my blood, thinking that insulin would just conveniently feed it to my cells.  But I'm a type 1 diabetic, so I don''t make any insulin, which means that my helpful liver would be dumping out this glucose, my cells still weren't getting fed, so then it would dump out some MORE glucose.  The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to eat some carbs in the morning and give myself insulin so that the liver doesn't think it has to do it for me.

The truth is, I'd prefer to drink my breakfast, because I don't want to think too much about it or cook anything.  I just want instant calories and nutrients.  That's when I started juicing in the morning.
I'll put an assortment like that into my Breville juicer and drink up.  Who could argue against drinking a bunch of fruit and veggies in the morning?  It's an awesome idea if, like me, you have a juicer. 

Sometimes, though, I'm too lazy, or out of something I really want in my juice, or just rushing.  So I started buying that expensive kind of fruit and veggie juice that Odwalla first got people hooked on.  But I never get Odwalla because it's too expensive and, also, it doesn't pack as many veggies and fruits and vitamins and minerals as Bolthouse Farms' Green Goodness juice.
Check out the nutrition info and and ingredients.
Sadly, though, the Safeway in San Francisco's Mission did not have the Green Goodness juice, and I ended up getting stuck buying the original Odwalla juice.  Who would have thought that a San Francisco grocery store would be lacking something that, in Pittsburgh, Target carries?  Oh well, it's just for one week.

I'm going to get to San Francisco eating very soon!  My sister and I are going somewhere for lunch in less than an hour.


  1. Have fun in San Fran! Love it there. I'm jealous.

  2. We had a lot of fun eating in San Francisco. My two favorites (that I remember anyway) were Gracias Madre and Dosa.

    1. I'm going to hit both of them! No, actually, not Dosa. I looked at their menu but was offended that they claim to only get "sustainably caught fish," because I know there is NO SUCH THING AS A SUSTAINABLE WILD FISH. All wild fish are going extinct. However, just a few doors down is Udipi Palace, which is 100% vegetarian and has a star on the menu to indicate when something is NOT vegan.

  3. Juice is the best breakfast ever, I don't do it often enough. I have a fantastic juicer that makes quick work of both greens and fruit, but it can get pricey buying produce to juice. Worth it though!

  4. I'm sure you already have a bunch of places planned out to eat at, but here are my SF faves!

    St Francis Fountain
    Gracias Madre (which I see you plan on hitting up, so good!)
    Thai Idea
    Bender's (it's bar in the Mission, that has amazing seitan tacos and they serve tater tots! I don't know if they serve fish or not.)
    Patxi's for some Chicago Style vegan pizza!
    Paplote's for some soyrizo tacos
    Source (cause I work there!)
    Flaco's in the East Bay! You can make a day out of Cinnaholic and Flaco's! What fun.

    Happy eating and welcome to SF!


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