Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Weekend Ordering In (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 28)

My sister and I had a lazy, hungover morning yesterday, but 'round these parts, in San Francisco, you can order Chinese food into your apartment and it's actually vegan!  Maybe that's true everywhere, I'm not much for ordering in.  Despite her generally meat-eating ways, Ali's favorite place to order Chinese is from Big Lantern and she never gets meat because she enjoys their meatless chicken so much.
This is the General Meatless Chicken.  We got some fried rice and lo mein as well, but I'm pretty sure that the rice had egg in it.  Ali meant to specify vegan for everything, but I think she forgot.

I'm leaving in just a few hours on a plane back to Pittsburgh.  People keep freaking out about how a hurricane is going to delay my flight and everything, but they seem to be wrong.  Pittsburgh is not Philadelphia!  We're Midwest almost!  When I looked at the weather there for tonight, it said there was a "chance of rain."  That does not sound too hurricanerific, now does it?

Still, I kinda wish I owned that book Vegan Unplugged.  You know, just in case.  Also, I hope nothing stops me from being able to go to the grocery store tomorrow.  I'm really craving some homemade roasted carrot soup.  All this eating out is hard on my blood sugar.  I am really excited to return to cooking and having perfect blood sugars, although of course I'm super-sad that my vacation is drawing to a close.


  1. I love ordering in. When I get these Chinese fake meat dishes, though, I get them pan-fried bc the deep fried is too greasy for me.

    I'm actually in Philly--right in the path of Sandy :( I do see the storm is wide so you guys are probably feeling some of it, too. Stay safe and eat well!

  2. I love Big Lantern! I had my last birthday party there (it was actually the first time I'd been, but I had always heard really good things!). VEGAN DIM SUM, GIVE IT TO ME.

    The meatless chicken is so great! When I lived in Chicago, I really missed California Chinese food. I have not been disappointed since moving back!

  3. Hope you've had a good stay out in SF chillin' with your sister! I also had a lazy, hungover morning on Sunday...well more like the entire day, not just the morning, ha ha. :) Hopefully your flight goes well and the storm doesn't hit your neck of the woods!


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