Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hummus Confused As The Resta Yous (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 9)

Yo, my vegan bichezz, you know what's awesome?  Friggin' hummus.  When hummus is good, it can be so damn good!  But when it's bad, it's, like, depressing.  How many times have you been all "Hey, cool, look, this bar/restaurant has hummus on the menu!" and you order it and and it's pretty much the worst hummus you ever ate, and you really wish you'd just gone with the chips and salsa, which were cheaper anyway?  And it probably came with cold pita or pita chips instead of veggies and warm pita?  Sad times, o my brothers.

Whatever.  Hummus is an old vegan staple for a reason: you can make it yourself however you like it, and the way you like it will be delicious.  Except for me, though, because every time I made it myself, I didn't like it very much and I wasn't sure what I wanted to add or change to make it better.  I didn't know enough about flavors to be able to even think about it correctly for such a long time -- to imagine the right flavor.  I've been cooking from books for years, but my desire to veer off the recipes or not use them at all is a new-found impulse -- one I hope to cultivate -- but not one that is yet ready to invent its own hummus.

Finally, though, I've made first contact with a base recipe that tasted good even though I made it!  Amber Shea Crawley of Almost Vegan, to the rescue, because the regular, ol' Classic Chickpea Hummus in Practically Raw is pretty much the only one I've prepared myself that made me want to eat lots more of it.  And then I used one of her variations to make the base into the Sundried Tomato-Pesto Hummus, using some of the pesto I made this summer and put into my freezer instead of the pesto recipe in the book.  Then I eated it.
Gotta have at least the carrots and celery, y'know?  And then I'm serving up some fancy Trader Joe's tortilla chips that have quinoa and black beans in them, so they're healthy, right?  Totally not junk food.  Lol, OK, they're  not something to go overboard on, but at least they have not-very-many ingredients and it's all stuff that I've had or have in my kitchen, like sunflower oil and beans and garlic powder and stuff.  The point is, great hummus!  I ate it all in two days.  Which makes me think I ought to try the other hummus base variations she gives, especially the zucchini one.  I've made the cauliflower hummus that's in Veganomicon, and although I liked the texture and all, the spices weren't to my personal taste.  But this makes me realize that cauliflower is just the tip of the iceberg!  Make hummus with zucchini, why not?  I mean, that's rad because they're so easy to grow in the summer.  And once I realize what my own taste buds call "good" when it comes to hummus, , I'll go back to that cauliflower hummus recipe and just change it to my own liking.



  1. I love hummus! I'm rather bad at making my own though... but that makes it even more disappointing when the stuff I order at a restaurant is sub-par!

  2. Who doesn't love hummus! I've made it myself a few times and realized that I don't need a whole lot of tahini in it. Too much gives it a bitter flavor (at least to my taste buds.) A vegetarian/vegan restaurant near me had raw zucchini hummus served w/raw flaxseed chips on their menu last year. It was crazy good--I should definitely give Amber's version a try!
    P.S. I'm also starting to deviate from cooking w/recipes! It's fun and intimidating at the same time : )


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