Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheesin' (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 19)

You know what's weird about making all this cheese from the groundbreaking new book that is taking the vegan world by storm, Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner?  Well, just that I kinda don't know what to do with all this cheese.

This is the first cookbook I've ever had where my instinct is to just start at the beginning and work my way through.  OK, I haven't exactly gone through without skipping things.  I skipped the Chevre recipes because I've never heard of Chevre and it has an accent over the first "e" and I don't know how to make that happen on my blog, and that seems like a serious problem.  I also skipped Boursin because, again, I don't know what that is.  But I did the soft Brie because I knew what that was and, also, it was really easy.  And then, on the next page is Soft Gruyere.  I decided to make that, which makes no sense because it ALSO has an accent and I have no clue what it's supposed to taste like.

Inconsistently aside, Gruyere time!  I still had rejuvelac leftover in the fridge to make it with and it was really easy, and it tasted good even uncultured (the miso did it, I think).  But then I had all this soft Gruyere and I'm not totally sure what to do with it all.  So far, I've been putting it on apples with some bee-free honey, even though there's really no need for added sweetness.
In a truly misguided effort to make the picture look more appealing, I also sprinkled some brown sugar on top.  Holy unnecessary sweetness, Batman!  It's cool, though.  This is damn tasty.  Better than the brie, I'd say, but I get more experienced at making these with every cheese I try, so I suspect they'll taste better and better each time.

We all agree that Miyoko Schinner is a genius, right?  That's why I've decided to hop on a plane today, fly to San Francisco, and go to this vegan wine and cheese event that Vegansaurus informed me she's having tomorrow!  OK, just kidding, I already had the plane ticket to SF, and I will indeed be leaving in a few short hours.  But I'm soooooo incredibly excited to spend most of the rest of Vegan Mofo in a far more vegan-friendly city than Pittsburgh (no hate on the 'burgh, though, I mean it).  And I really did buy tickets to this event, so I'm excited to post about that in another few days.  I feel immensely lucky that something that excites me so much just happens to take place where I'm vacationing WHILE I'm vacationing there!  Convergence, what?

My plan while I'm in SF is basically to just bicycle around, eat vegan food, and blog about it.  I actually don't really even know anyone there except my little sister, because all the friends I used to have in SF decided to relocate to New York City, which is crazy in my opinion, but to each his or her own, and also, I'll admit, I can see the appeal of NYC after a few years in SF.  It seems as though even my little sister might relocate to NYC soonish!  That's actually awesome because NYC is a hell of a lot closer to Pittsburgh than SF, so I can see her adorable little face more often.  But I'm going off topic here.  Point is, I'm leaving for San Francisco today and I'm not doing much while I'm there, so if you're a San Franciscan and you feel like hanging and possibly making a guest appearance on my blog, write me an email at!  Although I've been interneting it up, making lists of vegan spots I gotta gotta gotta hit, I'd be happy to get real local input on these tough decisions, and also, I like to have fun and meet people and not be forced to ONLY make friends with dogs in Delores Park, although that's fun too.  Don't be shy, email me.

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  1. Holy crap, have fun in Sanfran! I could really go for a food vacation myself, but for now I'll have to live vicariously through you. I've been in Northern California before, but was only in SF for a few hours waiting for a plane, so it doesn't really count. Have fun eating, and of course have fun at the vegan wine and cheese thing, that'll be crazy awesome!


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