Monday, October 15, 2012

Bee-Free Honee (VEGAN MOFO: DAY 14)

I've never come down definitively on the old is-it-OK-for-vegans-to-eat-honey-or-not debate, probably for one main reason: I've never been a honey-user.  I mean, my family growing up didn't keep honey, and it never occurred to me to keep honey either.  Once I got to cooking from books, I only ever had vegan cookbooks, and they never called for honey, so I just went straight to agave without issue.  The only honey product I missed was honey-mustard dressing, but I really stopped eating honey-mustard dressing because it's made from mayonnaise, which I think is the less-controversially logical vegan reason to stop eating that particular food item. 

Whatever your opinions on the matter, I don't think you can argue against the absolute brilliance of the product Bee-Free Honee.  Why?  Because it's made from domestic agricultural products: apples, beet sugar, and lemon juice.  I mean, we know we're getting agave from abroad and that it's highly processed (I'll leave the googling about that to you), but Bee-Free Honee is made really by one woman's small company that puts forth a serious effort to source locally.  I mean, rad, right?  
So, how does it taste?  Like honey?  Well, I don't really know, because I've never been a honey-eater.  But it tastes sweet, but not too sweet--the way I remember honeysuckle tasting--and a little fruity, and it's got the texture of honey.  I mean, it's really, really tasty. 

The first thing I thought to do with it was to look up a honey-mustard dressing online, use some vegan mayo in place of the regular mayo, and use some Bee-Free Honee in place of the honey.  This was, like, two months ago, when strawberries were still in season, hence the strawberries in the salad.
This was good, but I have to be honest.  Things that I know are made from mayonnaise, either regular or vegan, just gross me out.  Even though I enjoy vegan mayo on a sandwich!  I mean, I know it makes no sense, but it's just true.  Still, I got past it and ate the salad and the dressing and it tasted just as I remembered honey-mustard dressing tasting before I knew it contained mayo and was grossed out by it.

Oh, but here's where I really let that Bee-Free Honee shine: in oatmeal.  Here I could taste it for sure and tell you it's the perfect sweetener for oatmeal, and probably for tea also, but I cannot say for certain, because I'm also just not a tea-drinker; rather, I'm an alien from outer space, apparently.
If you are a honey-lover but you want to quit using it because of sustainability reasons, reasons relating to honey belonging to bees and not to people, or because you simply wish to draw a hard line in the sand and say, "I am vegan, so I will not use any animal products," this is possibly the best alternative out there.  I'd love to buy a huge jug of it and use it in place of agave most of the time!  Cuz, you guys, it's made from apples.  That's awesome.  Vegans (and vegan-supporters) are so friggin' creative.

***The folks at Bee-Free Honee gave this to me to sample and review when I simply wrote to them to ask where I could get some, which was totally awesome of them, as well as a first for this blogger.  That said, I was in no-way compensated for this review, and if I thought it was crap I'd totally tell you, because loathing is kinda how I roll.***


  1. That product sounds really tasty! I actually do enjoy honey. I don't care about labels so I don't care if that makes me un-vegan. However, since I learned to cook from vegan cookbooks, I am also well-acquainted with agave. I tend to use that and maple syrup more than honey. I still love honey in my tea when I'm sick. I will definitely try this honey-free honey if I'm able to find it. Congrats on your first freebie! : )

  2. I bet you and Lil' Wayne are related!

    1. Note to self: watch whatever this is after work.

  3. Not a tea drinker? For shame, ha ha. :) I've seen this honee on the interwebz but not anywhere close to my place of residence. Hopefully soon! But I, like you, have never been too crazy about honey in the first place, so agave is perfect until I get my hands on that!

    1. I know, don't tell my British grandmother, OK? She'd be so mortified.

      Nowhere around me sells it either. When I wrote to them, Amazon was out of it, which is why I was contacting them about how to get some. But now has it here: I don't know if you Canadians do Amazon or if shipping is prohibitively expensive or what. But I guess we vegans gotta harrass the local stores to carry it.


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