Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eatin' at Eden - The Miracle of Raw Food!

One day on my bicycle, I discovered a restaurant in Shadyside that was hidden away called Eden.  It's a vegan/raw restaurant, although it does let you "sub" chicken on certain recipes.  Umm, lol?  I guess you have to throw a (literal) bone to the a-holes who won't try something new at a restaurant even just one flippin' time.  But anyway, I immediately texted my friend Kate and was like, "WE SHOULD GO TO EDEN OK?"  And Kate was all, "I'm in Toronto having a vegan birthday weekend with my uber-sweet and supportive omni boyfriend!"  And I was all, "D'oh!"

But because Kate is awesome, when she came back, she arranged with all interested friends to go eat at Eden to celebrate her birthday. 

I never tried raw food before, but my interest was piqued by it recently after I decided to try to eat healthier overall.  Seems like eating raw food will guarantee that you stay away from excessive fat, and certainly away from high levels of carbohydrates, and also it would have to mean eating actual vegetables.

I started with a kale shot.  It's just kale, ginger, and lemon.
Not bad!  I could make this.  I have a juicer.  Why not shoot a little kale every day? For magic kale energy?  Can't hurt.

Kate and Sara both got the raw sampler menu.  It's $15 for a three course meal -- appetizer, entree, dessert.  Each course has a bit of three of the raw items from the menu in each category.  In the appetizer and dessert category, there are more than three raw items on the menu, so, sadly, there's a least one you don't have the pleasure of getting to try.  Which I suppose means I'm going to have to return soon before it switches off the Summer Menu!  Here's course 1, the apps:
I'm not actually totally sure what kind of soup that is or what the other appetizer is.  I didn't taste either one (sadly), and they don't seem to be what is listed on the menu online.  I do know, though, that not pictured is the Fresh Fruit with "Goat Cheese" and Local Honey because, to be true to the blog, I didn't take a picture of it, as it had honey.  Kate forgot to ask them to withhold it, which they would have been happy to do.

Course 2, the main event:

Hard to see in the picture, but you're looking at the Zucchini Ravioli, the Nacho Bowl, and a Stuffed Tomato.  I didn't get to try the Stuffed Tomato (nor is it actually very clear to me which of the items pictured above WAS the stuffed tomato and which is the Nacho Bowl, and I'm confused by my dumb picture-taking!) but Kate and Sara said it was aaaahmaaaaazing.  I ordered the full portion of Zucchini Ravioli, and I loved it to an absurd extent.

Our friend Ali ordered the full portion of the Nacho Bowl and let me eat some and Wow!  Also amazing.  I mean, holy schnikes!  That's made of veggies!  I need to get a dehydrator.

And course 3, the desserts:
We put the candle on for Kate's birthday.
Each of us got to eat a bit of each dessert, because we were feeling good and satiated, and also because we intended to afterward get soy ice cream from Oh Yeah! Ice Cream.  These desserts were good, but they're not as great as fatty, sugary desserts.  Them's the breaks, I guess.  Still, I could get used to it.  Moreover, that matters less to me.  I mean, dessert is dessert.  It's not meant to be healthy.  It should be eaten in moderation, obvs.  And probably not every day.  Recently, I've been satisfying my sweet tooth with just plain fruit.  I won't do that forever, but it seems worthwhile to "detox" from junk food for a bit to see how I feel.  In any case, these desserts were nice, they were sweetened with figs, and they were cute as can be!

So let me tell you about this miracle of miracles.  At the start of the meal, I tested my blood sugar and it was 58.  That's a little bit low, but not dangerously so.  Then I ate all that stuff.  Almost my entire zucchini ravioli dish (shared a bit with Ali), had a bit of Ali's nacho dish, had some bites of dessert, plus that kale shot.  I felt satiated.  Not sick full, but like I ate a good meal and wasn't hungry.  I tested my blood sugar 1/2 hour after we'd eaten but before ice cream and guess the hell what: my blood sugar had risen to only 92!

Do you know what this means?  It means the entire meal required me to inject NO INSULIN WHATSOEVER.  In the 21 years I've had diabetes, I have never had a meal like that, ever.  This blew my mind to such an extent that I realized that I absolutely had to had to had to get a raw "cook"book or two.  No time to waste!  This would cure people's type 2 diabetes, I'm sure of it.  Nothing cures type 1, but eating like this certainly would make it easier to control and also less expensive (insulin costs $$$$). 

Ummm, and then we got ice cream. Oh Yeah!

Many more lovely people joined us for ice cream-eating and post-ice cream-eating conversation at Oh Yeah!

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  1. Raw foodie restaurants can be tons of fun, though I'm especially a sucker for the desserts. :) Glad you had a good experience there, and the insulin thing would be totally exciting. Also I really, really, really want that nacho bowl in my face!

    1. I am actually pretty excited to start doing raw desserts, as I'm never going to stop desserting it up and it could really be healthier. Also, I took a raw dessert book from the library and it's just so much EASIER to make raw desserts than baked/cooked ones! So, yeah, expect some experimentation from me on this front.

      I want the nacho bowl in my face too. I've been thinking about it for days. I'm pretty hungry right now, actually.

  2. Awesome timing on this post. Coming home for a visit next week and will have to give Eden a try.
    Nacho bowl looks like the bomb.

    -The Vegan Man Cave

    1. That's awesome! I'm so happy to be able to spread the word to even people who live far away.

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  4. I've been meaning to try this place - I love your review, it makes me definitely want to go there now!


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