Monday, August 6, 2012

Mama Bird and the Tweets

I love my whole container garden, but my real pride and joy is the homemade Topsy-Turvy.

You've seen the commercials for Topsy-Turvys, right?  Apparently, everyone has.  I actually haven't, because I only watch TV off Netflix Watch Instantly, and never see commercials.  But while investigating about container gardening, I read about them, and I thought they sounded cool, but problematic.  Seems like a lot of people struggle to make things grow out of them, but I wanted to try anyway.  And I wanted to make my own, which I'd read on the internet I could do.

So, I took a large juice bottle, like the kind that they sell Hawaiian Punch in, cut the bottom off, put duct tape around the whole thing (because roots die if they're exposed to sunlight), drilled a hole on either side to put twine through, and put a plum tomato plant out the bottom, the former spout.
My homemade Topsy-Turvy
I planted some flowers at the top, and I was really proud of how the whole thing was growing!  All those people of the internet were saying that they don't have success with this style of planter, but my little plum tomatoes quickly bore fruit, and the flowers atop were thriving.  It all just looked really nice.
Then one day I noticed that the flowers on the top were dying in the middle, thriving around the perimeter.  And I didn't understand why.  It was a mystery that I sighed about but ultimately just accepted.

Then, one morning, I got up on my chair with my watering can and immediately screeched.  There was a bird sitting in the top of my planter!  She scared me, and I retreated off the chair.  Mama Bird was unmoved, though; she remained, stoically staking her claim to this brilliant spot.  I got my camera to take a picture of her.  I shot off only one blurry pic before my camera's zoom buzz spooked her and she took off.  Then I climbed on my chair to see if there was an egg or anything where she'd been sitting.
 Nothing.  But I could see now that this bird had been the one crushing my flowers for some time.  And then I left home to go to work, as I'm required to do.

When I got home, Mama Bird was back. I shot some pictures, and this time she just eyed me with suspicion, but didn't fly away.
I was getting excited.  Baby birds!  Right outside my kitchen door!  I already planned to call them Mama Bird and the Tweets, like they were a doo-wop girl group.

The next time she was gone, I got my chair, a container of water, and the camera and took another gander at the nest.
I was both excited and disappointed to see only one egg.  Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a few more!  Figuring an egg would survive my watering the remaining flowers and the plum tomatoes underneath, I poured water on the nest and went on my way.  I was actually there when Mama Bird returned, and she made this delightful little trill as she landed.

A day later, I was sitting in my living room when I heard the trill again and I went to check it out.  Turns out, she makes that noise whenever she takes off or lands, and once again, she was gone.  I wanted to water my plant and spy on her home up close with my camera, so I gathered my supplies and climbed onto the chair.  Sure enough, Mama had lain another egg.

How many more will she lay?  I hope a couple more!  I couldn't be more excited if I had laid these eggs myself.  She gets more active every day.  Maybe she's preparing for them to hatch?  I was finally able to get a pretty good picture of Mama Bird today, maybe you readers can help me identify her?  I really do not know what kind of bird she is, but I'm very curious.
Any experienced birders out there with some insight into types of city birds?  I have a feeling she's a dove--a female pigeon, but it's literally just that--a feeling.


  1. How hilarious is that haha! I'm not sure what kind of bird she is... hope you find out.

  2. Hey there. Great site! Nice to meet another Pittsburgh vegan. I'm originally from da Burgh. - Scott Twp/Greentree area. Heading back to visit my folks in Sept. Any new vegan joints in town I should know about?

    ..Adding you to my blog roll.

  3. Thank you!

    Well, let's see, when did you leave?

    To tell you the truth, I don't know of ANY 100% vegan places in Pittsburgh. I heard there's an all vegan place in the West Hills, but I actually don't even know where the West Hills are because I almost never leave the East End. Ha!

    I try not to eat out, but when I do, I prefer The Quiet Storm, Abay, Spaks, The Brillo Box. Even at those places, though, I usually think my own cooking is better, because I'm such a jerk.

  4. Replies
    1. She's harmless! Am am kinda scared of her, though.

      When I was a kid, my mom used to say, "They're more afraid of you then you are of them," but I was all like, "But that doesn't make me any LESS afraid of them!"

      Gardening has taken away a lot of my insect aversion, though. It's just, like, they don't give a crap what I do. They just want the things in my garden that they want, they're too busy to harrass me.

  5. Replies
    1. Mary, that bird has not moved her devoted butt in like a week! The flowers and tomatoes are pretty much dead from lack of water. Thank I should scare her off? Hahaha!


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