Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mama Bird and The Tweets, Part 2

There is so much to post about, but I'll start with the birds.

So, Mama Bird and and the Tweets are definitely mourning doves.  My facebook friends were kind enough to identify them.

For the longest time after my last entry about them, the adult bird never left the nest for me to take pictures of the nest, and see if any more eggs were laid.  Finally, five days ago, I heard the trilling sound Mama would make when she took off or landed and I rushed outside to see the nest.

She was there, but, for once, not sitting on the nest.  I took pictures.
I was kinda puzzled by what I saw.  I was like, "Are those babies, or did Mama Bird let her nest get moldy?"  Only because there was absolutely no movement in the nest, and no sound.  But thank Frith for the internet!  I Google image-searched for newborn mourning doves, and sure enough, that bunch of brown lumps is what they look like.

You know what else I learned?  First, that mourning doves always have broods of just two eggs.  So the clump of lumps was only two little 'uns.  Also, that trilling sound of their wings is one of their famously defining characteristics.  And, most astonishingly, did you know that mourning doves are one of the very few birds that produce some stuff to feed their young and "nurse" them with it?  I definitely saw the bigger bird doing something weird that seemed to be nursing.  What I'm unclear on, though, is does only the Mama bird nurses the young, or can Papa bird do so as well?  Because guess what?  Mourning doves are monogamous and they switch off to take care of the eggs and squabs.  COOL, RIGHT?  So Mama Bird and the Tweets has actually been a nuclear family band this whole time. 

At first, the parents seemed to sit with the squabs pretty much constantly.  They just sit right on top of them, squish squish.

But then yesterday when I came home from work, the nest had no adult supervision, yayyy!  Camera time.
I was freakin' out, they're soooooo cute and little.  The whole time I was taking pictures, I was saying, "Look at you little puffballs, you're so cute, I just want to give you kisses, little baby baby puffers" like the big giant dork I am.

This morning, they were no longer unaccompanied minors, but when I came home from work today, they were once again by themselves and I got back up on my chair again.  They changed so much in one day!

While I was standing there saying, "Stop being so cute, you're making me die, I'm literally about to have a heart attack because you're so freaking adorable and I love your little faces!" one of the guardians suddenly returned.  I ain't afraid of no mourning dove, though.  I kept photographing!
Awww, the one on the right is sleepy.
I'll be back to food this weekend.  I have many things I'm dying to post about.  This week, instead of blogging, I kept deciding to, like, clean my apartment, and go to the laundromat, and get rid of excess junk on craigslist and freecycle and, you know, GET MY DAMN LIFE IN ORDER.  It needed to be done, and I have no regrets.

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