Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm not dead!!

I'll bet you guys thought this was an abandoned blog.  Well, no such luck, haters!  I'm baaaaaaack!

So, here's what happened.  At my old apartment, I didn't have an internet router, but I could still manage to watch Netflix Watch Instantly on my TV at the same time as having my computer out, updating my blog.  This is because I could steal the internet out of the air somehow.  It wasn't super-strong, but it was strong enough to post a little blog entry.  OR, I posted at work.

Well, at my new apartment, I still didn't have an internet router, but there also wasn't internet in the air to steal.  So using my computer would mean unplugging my internet out of the Roku and plugging it into my computer, and also not being able to watch dumb TV while I typed.  So I never did it.  Plus, I can't update my blog at my new job.  They monitor that shit.

But two awesome things happened tonight that changed everything.  One is that my CSA started, and I went to pick it up.  If I don't write about that, I can pretty much hang up my vegan blogger hat for the rest of my life.  But, more importantly, after going to Shadyside to pick up my CSA share, I went to a stranger's home in Shadyside to pick up a totally free internet router!!!!  Have you guys ever heard of Freecycle?  I absolutely LOVE me some Freecycle.  I've gotten so much stuff I desperately needed, and given out so much stuff that's been sitting around my apartments for years.  Google it, along with your area.  Like, if you're in Pittsburgh, google "Pittsburgh Freecycle."  Find yours!  It's so worth it.

I'll get to food posting again now.  Not now, now, like right-this-second now, but soon now.  I have a lot of stuff I've made in the last two months that I could write about!  But in the real now, I'll leave you with something I saw in Shadyside tonight.

Hey, you said it, not me.

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