Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in Time pt 1: Breakfast Every Hour

Sherman, set the WABAC machine to about two months ago when I decided to make breakfast for dinner!

I roasted some potatoes in the standard sort-of way, and I made Vegan Brunch's Classic Broccoli Quiche and Italian Feast Sausages.

As you might expect, Isa's quiche is awesome, although people who oppose tofu may not be into it.  I'm eager to make the Asparagus Quiche with Tomatoes and Tarragon from Veganomicon just because it doesn't contain any of the standard vegan quiche ingredients -- no nutritional yeast, no tofu.  But I've made this broccoli quiche before, and I like it, so I made it again, sticking to the recipe.  And check out what a looker it is...

The Italian Feast Sausages, though, in my opinion, require a serious adjustment.  I've made them twice before.  The first time, I didn't have any fennel seeds, so I just left them out, and it was great!  The second time, I DID have fennel seeds, so I included them as instructed by the recipe -- two teaspoons.  BIG mistake.  They overwhelmed the sausages!  All crunchy with them, all throughout, it's gross!  I mean, I like fennel seeds, but I can't condone the amount included in this recipe.  I remember that I sliced the sausages pretty thinly and picked out as many fennel seeds as I could find, which was a serious pain in the ass, but it made them edible, so it was worth it.  This time, though, I put less than half the amount called for.  So, it still has some of that fennel flavor, but you're not getting a mouthful of the seeds.

I have two other changes I like to make to the preparation instructions of the sausages.  One is that I like to just double the recipe because, pray tell, what the heck am I supposed to do with half a can of white kidney beans?  So, rather than allow half a can of beans to go to waste, I just double Isa's sausage recipes, which makes you use almost the whole can.  They store well.

The other change is that, if you look at the picture below and compare it with the pics in the book, you'll notice that mine look less wet and more sausage-y.  That's because, added fat or no, I think it's a shame to not slice the sausages and and fry them in olive oil.  It just makes them so much better!

Viola!  Breakfast for dinner (and every other meal)!  I love breakfast, and I've made probably half the recipes in Vegan Brunch.  Great book, even if some of the recipes don't strike me as even remotely "breakfast" (Courico Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Salsa, Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes).


  1. Your pics are making me hungry for broccoli quiche!!! I've made it before and will make it again with way less thyme. Isa always uses way too much thyme for my liking. I think I'm a bit sensitive to it though. For me 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Is all I need for most recipes. I made this a year ago and there was so much thyme I couldn't finish the whole quiche throughout the week. My dad devoured the rest and loved it although he did admit the thyme was strong. Sorry if my writing is fragmented and sloppy, as I'm using my I-phone. It seems to be a trend that everyone I know, including myself are having computer issues!
    P.S. I'm glad you're not dead! I was a little worried.
    (I really was, with your diabetes and all!)

  2. Thanks, Tara, that's really sweet of you to care! I'm lucky thyme doesn't bother me. The spices that get to me are fennel (see above) and nutmeg. I usually reduce those in any recipe.


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