Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eating Kitchen Sink Curry in the 'Burgh

I don't have a new place quite yet in Pittsburgh.  I've been staying with a friend.  But, I'm about to sign a lease!  To a kinda crappy-looking but huge place. A full house!  With two bedrooms!  And a finished basement!  And one and a half bathrooms!  And the best part -- a backyard where I can finally learn to garden.  It allows cats, lets me start my lease when I wanted to (February 15), costs EXACTLY the same rent as my studio in Phoenixville, and is located in the very neighborhood where I wanted to live: Lawrenceville.  Actually, a big part of the reason I wanted to move to Lawrenceville was for the sake of this blog.  Now I can change the name to "Food and Loathing in Lawrenceville."  Not bad, right?

UPDATE: I lost the house in Pittsburgh, basically because of miscommunication between the.house's owner and the realtor.  I have to start all over looking.  It is a real tragedy, and to say that I'm upset about it would be an understatement.

I've barely cooked at my friend's house.  Mostly, I've been living off of spaghetti with garlic cooked in olive oil and steamed broccoli -- an old stand-by of mine.  Also, I've been eating super-expensive health foody cereal with organic bananas (and some sugar, ha!) and coconut milk beverage.  Did you know they make that coconut milk beverage in those non-refrigerated packages like they do soy and rice milk?  That was never carried at my local groceries, but they've got it at the many organic markets of Pittsburgh.

Also, my friend Stephanie, who has so graciously allowed me to stay in her house, cooks for me sometimes.  She's not a vegetarian or a vegan, but when she cooks, she tends to cook vegan without even thinking about it.  She doesn't cook from recipes at all, and one of her favorite things to do is to make what she calls "Kitchen Sink Curries" -- so named because she puts everything in there but the kitchen sink.
Let's see, we got lentils, carrots, onions, eggplant, lots of ginger, green curry paste, and I'm not really sure what else.  Actually, I'd call it "Eggplant Lentil Ginger Kitchen Sink Curry."  A bit unusual, but it hit the spot.  I liked watching Steph do it, floating around her kitchen, adding this and that, occasionally asking me something like, "You don't have to soak lentils, do you?" or "How do you feel about eggplant?"  So sweet.  She also has three of the cutest, sweetest cats ever! 

Just think: soon I'll be back to my old tricks.  Cooking, meeting people, living it up.  Right now is a time for anxieties.  Like packing.  Like moving.  Like affording a U-Haul.  Like finding work.  But I know it'll be OK.  I always work it out, and I always will.  It's weird, not having much to do in Pittsburgh.  I read the entirety of the V.C. Andrews book "Flowers in the Attic," which I took off Steph's shelf.  That book is scandalous!  I can't believe I never read it as a youngster, I would've loved it.  Now I think I'm gonna hit up some Pittsburgh library to read the sequel because, oh my god!  What happens next?


  1. Awesome blog! At what email address can we reach you if we have questions?

  2. Thanks so much! You can reach me at mjbalick at gmail dot com.


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