Friday, November 19, 2010

Indian Shmindian!

You know what discourages timely posting?  When the food you've cooked isn't very photogenic.  But remember I said I had big plans for my little, 1-pound eggplant?  Well, I did, in fact, fulfill the plans -- making Spicy Indian Eggplant from Urban Vegan.  But it's not very pretty.  Still, here goes nothin'.
The eggplant, which is the stuff on the left, was waaaay too spicy.  I cut the recipe in half, using a small onion instead of a large one, using my lone eggplant, and cutting the many spices in half.  But, really, I think I should have put even fewer spices because it's a bit overwhelming.  I'm good with hotness -- cayenne doesn't bother me.  But fennel and stuff like that, well, I should have cut it down.  In order to make it more accommodating to my taste buds, I whipped out a box of Kitchens of India Chick Peas Curry and, although I initially photographed them separate from each other, I ended up mixing the whole shebangbang together, which made it delightfully palatable.
The question simply must be asked: Why, oh why, can't I make good Indian food?  Why is this Chick Peas Curry so good but my eggplant not really that good?  What am I doing wrong?  Do I need a different cookbook?  So far, my Indian food out of any given cookbook has been sub-par.  It's easier to make Thai -- my other favorite.

You know what else discourages timely posting, not to mention doing my normal amount of baking?  The fact that I met a man.  Ha.  That's not like me.  I don't do a lot of dating.  I'm a pretty girl and wicked smart, but the former discourages the smart, insecure man from talking to me and the latter makes me not want the kind of men who hit on me.  It's not that I swore off dating, just that I don't tend to meet anyone it seems worth dating, and the ones I have liked either don't seem to be very interested in me or they're just such wimpy wimps that they never put a move on me, and, frankly, I don't want to be the man in a relationship.  So whatever.  But over this past week, I've spent, like, three evenings with a guy who is maybe a little weird, but I'm cool with that, and he clearly likes me a lot and I actually like him too.  I know this isn't my diary and any readers of this blog (if there are any) are much more interested in baked treats than my (lack of a) love life, but I wanted to offer this as an excuse for my non-cookie-making.  It's a legitimate excuse.

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