Monday, November 8, 2010

Fruit and Veggies Without a Trip to the Dreaded Grcocery Store

I can't get on a CSA here in Phoenixville.  There are CSA's, but they're all filled up and have waiting lists.  Basically, I'm shit out of luck.  But, hey, there's the farmer's market and there's Wegmans and I make do.

You know, right?  Well, there was recently a Groupon offer for this web site called Door to Door Organics, which will deliver boxes of organic fruit and veggies to your door every week or every two weeks (your choice!).  The offer was that, for a "bitty box" (the smallest one, for single folks like me), it was only $13, instead of the normal $26.  I was like, "Sweet!" and bought it.

It was exciting to get veggies delivered to me.  Also, it's exciting to figure out how to use everything.  It came with a couple oranges, bananas, apples, pears, 4 onions, a 1 pound eggplant, a bunch of Swiss chard, a pound of carrots, and a bunch of romaine lettuce.   Not bad for $13!  I'm not really sure, though, if it would be good for $26.  Is that a good price?  I do know that I found an identical web site called Suburban Organics that has a bit more than that in their $25 little box, so if I subscribe, it'll probably be to them.

I was all ready to cook.  First thing I did was just cook the chard leaves the same way I usually cook kale or spinach (truth is, I've never made chard before!).  That means I cooked them on the stove top with some minced garlic, a tiny bit of tamari, and a few tablespoons of water.  Delish!  You can't go wrong like that!

Now, the ridiculously named Crescent Dragonwagon (is that her real name??), author of the cookbook Passionate Vegetarian, had advised me via her book that the stems of chard are good in stuffing.  I took that to mean that they're pretty good and edible, so I decided to do something I was super-excited about.  I was going to use my juicer to liquefy some of the carrots, one of the apples, the chard stems, and maybe a little bit of romaine.  I was so happy to let nothing go to waste!  I really wanted to join the juicing crowd.

Alas, it was not to be.  See, I bought this juicer over a year ago from some folks who were moving back to India and leaving behind all their nifty stuff,  People who are moving back to India are one of the best sources for good stuff!  That's how I got my awesomely awesome yin-yang shaped table.  No!  It's not like the one they make fun of in Fight Club!  It's wooden, not black and white, and it's two separate tables that nestle together like lovers, and it's got a glass top so you don't have to put magazines and stuff actually on top of the table, you can leave the glass top clean.  It's so rad, but I'm not explaining it well.  ANYWAY, I bought this juicer, never used it, plugged it in yesterday, NO GO.  Does not work!  It's got no power to it at all.  Such a let down!

I ended up chucking the stems because, well, I wasn't about to make stuffing.  And I was trying to be all, "I let nothing go to waste!  I'm better than you!" But no, I can take my superiority and shove it.

OK, so I had some tofu.  I also had a tomato that was on its last legs.  My friend Jenn picked me this tomato, and it was once a real treat.  But it was in my fridge for a hell of a long time, and so it was kinda soft and rotten on one side, but you know, it's still good.  You don't believe me.  But it's true!  The side that wasn't rotten tasted really good even though it's a little soft.  I bought some rye bread and made some tofu bacon.  Yay!  Tofu bacon is so good!  I've never made tempeh bacon, only tofu.  And I don't see any reason to change.  Then I enjoyed some TLT's with a little Vegannaise.  When I run out of tomato, I'll use oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes because, c'mon, the summer's over.
I have big plans for that eggplant, although it involves picking up a can of crushed tomatoes.  But I don't FEEL like going to the store!  DARN!  Whine whine grumble grumble...  Even more difficult than going to the grocery store is eating all that fruit, and the carrots.  I keep having to be like, "No, no cupcakes!  Eat an apple!"  Boo.  My life is just sooo hard.

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