Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Food Post Completely Unrelated to Thanksgiving

I've been working a second job as of late and panicking because it leaves me with no time to bake for Thanksgiving (somehow, tonight, I must at least fulfill my family-prescribed Thanksgiving duty of baking the feast's bread).  But I did manage, on a combination of Sunday and Monday night, to at least cook really amazing food for me to not starve amidst my working at a law office from 9 AM to 5 PM and then in retail 6 PM to 10PM.

Going back to my bloggy roots here.  It's been since my very first post back in June, when I hadn't yet found my bloggy voice, nor felt comfortable enough to make my signature bloggy jokes, that I wrote about cooking from Terry Hope Romero's endlessly brilliant cookbook Viva Vegan!  You may have heard from other bloggers that this book is brilliant.  Why do we all find this book to be so amazing?  Well, thanks for asking -- I'd be happy to tell you!  Because when you follow these recipes, you make food that is better than anything you ever ate at even the best Mexican restaurant in your pre-vegan days.  How is that possible without cheese?  I don't freakin' know!  It just is true.  The complexity of the tastes just scream "gourmet."

Take what I made this week:  Arroz Con Seitan.  For those of you who think espaƱol is pronounced "es-pan-ol," that translates to "Rice with Seitan."  Sounds kinda plain, right?  Well!  This is nothing close to plain.  I made the seitan on Sunday according to Romero's recipe which, I contend, is the best seitan recipe out there (just omit the cumin if you want to use it for non-Latin recipes).  You proceed to fry the seitan with some lime juice, oil, and oregano and then go about cooking the rest.  Rice, annato paste (or annato-infused oil, if you're cool enough to have also followed her recipe to make that), garlic, onions, green pepper, peas, carrots, veggie broth (or Corona, if you don't live in Pennsylvania where you can't get beer at the grocery store so it's a pain in the ass to get), and the flavor kickers -- green olives stuffed with pimentos and capers.


Sorry for the freakout, it's really just that good.
 I wish I were better at taking food pictures so so much!  But hopefully you get the idea.  See the seared seitan?  See all the different yummy stuff?  See how it looks so delicious and it would never even occur to you to put cheese on it?  I made some re-fried beans too, also from Viva Vegan!

Hey, did you know you can watch Terry Hope Romero making this exact recipe cooking show-style right here?  It really must be your lucky day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all have good vegan food to eat tomorrow.  If not, I hope you're either ok with eating some animal products for just one day or I hope you're anorexic.  Because it's just not right to not feast on Thanksgiving which, in my opinion, is by far the best holiday.  Maybe that's just because I actually love my family and love spending time with them.  I guess I can understand why people who don't like their families don't dig it.  If that's the case, can I recommend making the holiday into T-Hanks-giving?  The day when you celebrate by watching the movies of Mr. T. Hanks?  I recommend Big and Joe Versus the Volcano -- classics!  And if you can get your hands on it, the TV show Bosom Buddies.  I used to watch the reruns of that show every weekday, my momma loved it.  In fact, she told me once that my father and her gave up religion because they were sick of missing Bosom Buddies on TV.  I don't know if that's true, but it stuck with me.  Anywho, give some thanks and eat some grub.  And drive safely!  There are a lot of drunks on the road for this holiday.

I'll leave you with another picture, this time with cilantro on top.

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